Product recalls

Update on Investigation

The following has been released:
Independent investigation finds no further action required on fridge freezer model
An investigation into the fridge freezer involved in the Grenfell Tower fire has confirmed there is no need for further action.
More information from department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


Product recalls

Important product recalls are below

2018.07.23 Recall: Aramax - liquid for electronic cigarettes

The following notice has been issued by the European Commission:

Chemical products

Liquid for electronic cigarettes


Vape Juice

Type / number of model
3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml, 18 mg/ml nicotine strengths

Batch number / Barcode

Risk type

The product contains nicotine (between 3 to 18 mg/ml), which is classified as acutely toxic. There is no accompanying leaflet with recommendations for correct and safe use of the product, as required for harmful mixtures.

The user has no information to avoid the dangers incurred when the product comes into contact with the skin or if it is ingested.

The product does not comply with the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU.

Measures taken by economic operators
Other, recall of the product from end users (By: Distributor)

Liquid for e-cigarettes

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