Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT)

The Slough Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) is a partnership combining representatives from local authorities (education, social services, health, probation, prison service and the voluntary sector). Working with our partner organisations, we commission and monitor locally provided drug and alcohol services, deliver projects and raise awareness about drug and alcohol issues in Slough.

In 2010 the government launched its new drug strategy, 'Reducing demand, restricting supply, building recovery: supporting people to live a drug-free life'. A major change to government policy, this strategy sets out a fundamentally different approach to preventing drug use in our communities, and in supporting recovery from drug and alcohol dependence.

The strategy has recovery at its heart. It:

  • puts more responsibility on individuals to seek help and overcome dependency 
  • places emphasis on providing a more holistic approach, by addressing other issues in addition to treatment to support people dependent on drugs or alcohol, such as offending, employment and housing 
  • aims to reduce demand 
  • takes an uncompromising approach to crack down on those involved in the drug supply both at home and abroad 
  • puts power and accountability in the hands of local communities to tackle drugs and the harms they cause.

How does the DAAT work?

The Drug and Alcohol Action Team has a Partnership Board and a number of Task Groups, all of whom have action plans. The Task Groups meet on a regular basis and report their progress to the DAAT.
For further information you can contact the team on 01753 875021 or email: daat@slough.gov.uk.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

Residents of Slough can access drug and alcohol recovery support at Slough Treatment Services (TXS). This is a confidential service and offers a range of interventions to support each individual on their personal journey to recovery. Telephone number 01753 692548.

For help and support for you or someone close to you please go to the Slough DAAT website which has wide range of information and advice about local services available.