eBooks & eAudiobooks

Borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks from Libraries and Culture - Download the Borrowbox app and login with your library card and PIN!

With Slough Libraries you can access free eBooks and eAudiobooks for adults and children and our collection is growing every month. To login to you will need your library membership card number and pin code. Access eBooks and eAudiobooks through your browser or download the app!

How do I borrow an eBook?

Learn how to access eBooks with BorrowBox

In addition to your paperbacks, hardbacks and audiobooks on CD, you can borrow up to 6 eBooks and 6 eAudiobooks for 3 weeks from Borrowbox!

eAudiobooks are audiobooks which are borrowed as an audio file that you need to download online. You can then listen to these on a range of devices, including MP3 players, tablets and smartphones.

Amazon Kindle

Please note Amazon Kindle operates a closed digital rights management system and we are unable to purchase eBooks in the Kindle format. It’s only possible to download Kindle format eBooks to your Kindle from Amazon.

To download free eBooks and eAudiobooks from Slough Libraries on your Kindle, you will need to have a Kindle Fire and download the BorrowBox app. You can also access eBooks through other tablets, phones and your computer.